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    Once upon a time, cupcakes were only a kid-friendly party favorite. No longer! Cupcakes are now the treat of the times, at once simple and chic. 500 Cupcakes is just that: a storehouse of recipes, written in clear instructions and appealingly packaged in bright, modern colors. 500 Cupcakes from front to back provides what bakers of all levels need to produce tempting creations. The introduction provides a comprehensive look at equipment and ingredients, plus a description of the cupcake-maki

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  • New Hope Mills Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Some delicious cookies pictures:

    New Hope Mills Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Image by Stef Noble

    This is actually more of a contribution of Joe’s, as he introduced me to this cookie and is the one who always makes them. They are a variation on a recipe found on New Hope Mills pancake mix and, in fact, use the buckwheat variety. New Hope Mills, a water-powered gristmill on the National Register of Historic Places, is located in Moravia, NY. Their products can be found fairly easily in the region (at Wegman’s, for example), but you can also visit the mill directly for tours and products. You can also order it online at Taste of CNY or even Amazon. But what about those cookies, you ask?

    Joe’s New Hope Mills Chocolate Chip Cookies

    In a mixer, cream
    1/3 cup butter,
    1 egg,
    approx. 1/6 cup of lemon juice,
    1/3 cup brown sugar,
    1/3 cup white sugar.

    Then add
    1 1/2 cups New Hope Mills Buckwheat Pancake Mix (I cannot vouch for other buckwheat pancake mixes),
    1/2 cup chocolate chips,
    1/4 to 1/2 cup coconut (toasted or untoasted, your preference)
    1/4 to 1/2 cup nuts (we have been using pecans and will be trying macadamias at some point).

    Spoon out onto cookie sheets with wax paper/parchment/Silpat/etc. and bake for 12 minutes at 375°.

    Shove by the fistful into your mouth while hot.

    Lately, we haven’t been including the nuts, for no particular reason, and I think I actually prefer it that way as they get in the way of the hot gooeyness of the cookies. These are the only chocolate chip cookies that I can eat more than one of at a time, thanks to the slight tang of the buckwheat pancake mix that cuts through the goo.

    The cookies picture above are actually “leftovers”. Joe usually makes a batch of dough and puts half in the fridge for later on. I’m sure it would freeze nicely as well (roll into balls first and freeze on a baking sheet, then put them in a bag). If you bake them right after making the dough, you’ll end up with a more flattened, chewy cookie, due to the warmer dough. The colder “leftover” dough tends to stay mounded up more, giving you a softer cookie middle, with a crisp outside. Both versions are excellent, therefore, you should always set some dough aside so you can have it both ways.

    The dough is tasty as well… maybe eat half of your leftovers raw?

  • day246

    A few awesome cookies picturesI found: day246


    Image by thekellyscope,Day 246/365- Another cookie picture

    I just thought of how many pictures of cookies I have in my 365. This will probably be the last one. I Just Couldn’t Wait


    Image by Cayusa
    Day 184 of 365 (Year Three)

    The other day Savanah picked out these cookies while we were shopping. I was actually touched that she thought of me while we were out. She found these and looked up at me and said, “Daddy, can we get these so we can do another holiday cookie picture like we’ve done before?” Now I don’t know that she didn’t have ulterior motives, but it was sweet of her to think of that.

    They’ve been sitting on the counter for the past day waiting for the fourth so we could take our shot together. I still plan on taking that shot with her, but as I was standing there, looking for something to snack on, they were calling my name and looking so damn tasty (which it was).

    I guess you’ll all just have to put up with another shot of these cookies tomorrow. LOL

    Also, just to point out how dumb I can be some times, you can still see the spot on my forehead where I put that damn octopus last night. He stuck to my forehead with suction and has left his mark. The things I do for a picture.

    I really should had known better, but I really didn’t think he was on there for that long. I’ve had this happen before, only much, much worse. Back in college we had one of those Nerf basketball sets in our architectural studio. Over the course of the year it got busted and we were left with the suction cup part. We make a giant dart out of it and drew a target on the window. When we were bored we’d play darts. Dumb ole’ me decided one day to stick it to my forehead.

    It wouldn’t have been that bad had I taken it off right away, but I left it on there for quite some time. You know, for comic effect. I spent the next month with a giant suction cup hickey on my forehead. Back then I typically wore a baseball cap backwards on my head, so It wasn’t super bad as I could cover most of it, but I can tell you that a reversed baseball cap doesn’t cover your entire forehead and with a suction cup the size of this one, it didn’t cover much at all.

    On the plus side, though, there were a few girls at the bar I hung out at who found the whole story rather funny and apparently found a guy with a wacky sense of humor like mine, who would go for the extra laughs at the expense of his forehead, quite “appealing.” So, as embarrassing as it was, it wasn’t that bad.

    Image by bankbryan
    I contributed beer and the small container of cookies pictured here.

  • The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook: So Good, It’s Sinful :)


    If this is not the perfect combo of yummy and healthy, I don’t know what is!

    America is experiencing a chocolate renaissance, and the epicenter is in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Ghirardelli has long been the standard-bearer for great chocolate. Domingo Ghirardelli first began making chocolate drinks for miners during the Gold Rush. In the more than 150 years since, the chocolatiers who have carried on the company’s grand tradition have made Ghirardelli the leading premium manufacturer in the country. Growing consumer demand for higher-quality cacao and specialized chocolate products prompted the experts at Ghirardelli to revise this collection of classic cookies, bars, cakes, and drinks. The recipes range from simple sweets to show-stopping desserts, while a special section on hosting a chocolate party comes just in time for holiday baking and entertaining. A stylish revision of the classic cookbook from America’s longest continually operating chocolate manufacturer. Includes more than 80 recipes, a primer on chocolate varieties and uses, and more than 25 full-color photographs. This perfect gift for chocolate lovers includes a new holiday recipe section with a guide to creating edible gifts like cocoa mixes and decadent fudge sauce. Previous edition sold more than 65,000 copies.Reviews‚ÄúTrue chocoholics . . . will want to dip into The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook, oozing with recipes for homemade hot fudge sauce, lava cake, chocolate waffles and the like.